• Ceiling Recess and Lighting Install

    Ceiling Recess and Lighting Install

    Repairs required: Removing fluorescent light box. Reframing and drywalling cavity. Taping, floating (3 times), and "Skip Trowel " texturing. Installing crown…

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  • Bedroom Remodel

    Bedroom Remodel

    Repairs required: Remove pocket door. Move and frame new entry for swing door. Drywall, float (3 times), and texture surfaces.…

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  • haloween 2013 018

    Bedroom Closet Addition

    Repairs required: Planning and framing closet. Sealing, taping and floating (3 times)."Skip Trowel" texturing to blend with surrounding drywall. Installing closet shelves and supports,…

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  • Moulding Installation

    Moulding Installation

    Installation and repair of crown molding, baseboards, casings, and chair rails.

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