Stucco Repair project 1

Stucco Cracks:

  1. Mask work area.
  2. Scrape loose edges of cracks. Fill with high quality exterior caulking by pushing material into crack and wiping excess material off of wall surface so that it does not distort surrounding stucco texture.

Stucco Damage:

  1. Cut through stucco and remove it several inches before opposing stud edges.
  2. Make segmented cuts into remaining stucco and chip off edges with a roto hammer so that we end in center of stud, while leaving remaining existing moisture barrier in-tact for tie in with new moisture barrier.
  3. Install new moisture barrier lapping over sides and bottom of existing. We will angle cut flaps in existing moisture barrier from above and tuck new moisture barrier underneath old.
  4. Seal all edges with quality sealant. Anywhere lapping conditions are concerning we will use polyether sealant.
  5. Install new wire overlapping old where at all possible.
  6. Grind edges of existing stucco to assist in transition.
  7. Stucco and texture to blend.